Privacy Policy

Cryptolancer may collect and store personal information of its users and their opinions other such information see below. Cryptolancer will constantly this privacy policy and may update on certain occasions.

What information do we collect?

(a)Information regarding products users employ.

(b)Account details: User name, profile picture and password

(c)Information regarding services users employ

(d)Information regarding types of services users employ

(e)“User Generated content” such as project descriptions, bid descriptions, user profiles, reviews, contest description and details regarding project attachments sent as well as messages sent by users, for example.

(f)Non-personal information 

(g)Personal information provided using external platforms (information provided by others) will be subject to the privacy policies as well.

(h)Metadata - IP address, computer and connection information, referring web page, standard web log information, language settings, time zone, etc.

(i)Actions - pages viewed, buttons clicked, time spent viewing, search keywords, etc.

(j)interactions our users have with our platform.

What do we use your information for?

Cryptolancer collects personal information regarding its users in order to provide our users with products, services and customer support as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Note: The specific platform, product and services users engage with and employ affect what personal information Cryptolancer collects. So Cryptolancer collects and stores user information for the following reasons:

(a)to provide the service or product you have requested;

(b)to facilitate the creation of a User Contract (see Terms of Service for more information);

(c)to provide technical or other support to you;

(d)to answer inquiries about our services, or to respond to a complaint;

(e)to promote our other programs, products or services which may be of interest to you (unless you have opted out from such communications);

(f)to allow for debugging, testing and otherwise operate our platforms;

(g)to conduct data analysis, research and otherwise build and improve our platforms;

(h)if otherwise permitted or required by law; or

(i)for other purposes with your consent, unless you withdraw your consent for these purposes.

Information not covered by our privacy policy

Note: Although Cryptolancer will do its best to protect user information – certain information is not covered by our privacy policy such as: 

(a)Non-personal information such as “User Generated Content” provided by users – please note: our privacy policy does not apply to such “Non-personal information”, however when such information is aggregated or linked with existing personal information, such information will be treated, for the sake of transparency as” personal information and covered by our privacy policy for the sake of transparency.

(b)Personal information provided by users that Cryptolancer has not requested.

(c)Personal information submitted in the proper means intended for such types of data.

(d)Links – links may be provided by Cryptolancer or other users, as such for the sake of user information protection users are urged to read such page’s terms and conditions before submitting such personal information via such channels.

Collection of user information

(a)User information may be collected on registration as well as user generated content (see above) 

(b)Information we collect from others – platforms such as, but not limited to Facebook, Twiter, etc – users can give Cryptolancer permission to connect to such platforms. Note: Users can restrict Cryptolancer from such actions by contacting our support team.

(c)Users are permitted to invite others to use our platform – such information will be collected and stored for the safety of the user and to minimize abuse of our platform. 

Note: Cryptolancer uses automated system in regards to decision making for user jobs. As such, we use a ranking system along with user profiles and other such user generated information to match jobs or projects and competitions with specific users. Such a ranking system is constructed when users are rated at the completion of a job, project or contest.

Do we disclose personal information to others?

Cryptolancer discloses personal information to others (third parties) when –

(a)It is necessary to provide a user with the specific product or service that they have requested

(b)Legal reasons – when Cryptolancer receives court orders, subpoenas or other requests for information from law enforcement;

(c)if otherwise permitted or required by law; or

(d)for other purposes with your consent.

What about our privacy policy regarding third parties?

(a)Cryptolancer uses the following third-party service providers (amongst others):

(b)Cloud hosting, storage, networking, and related providers

(c)Marketing and analytics providers

(d)Security providers

(e)Third party applications – it is possible for users to grant third parties’ access to their account and information when using the Cryptolancers’ Api. As such our privacy policy in these cases is over ridden by such third parties’ own policies and mandates.

How do I contact Cryptolancer?

If you have any queries regarding this our privacy policy (or other general enquiries) you may contact us via email at the following email address: [email protected]