General FAQ

Cryptolancer is world’s first Freelancing website which offers payment in most of the popular cryptocurrencies out there. On Cryptolancer, You can post jobs to hire free of different skills like Programmers, Developers, Graphic Designers, Writers and Translators.

Yes, it is completely safe to work on Cryptolancer as long as you follow the rules. As a freelancer, make sure that there is milestone in the project based on your bid. If there is a milestone, it means that Employer has escrowed funds in the milestone.

You can go to his profile and report him to the support by clicking on the “Report Now” button. We’ll act as soon as possible.

You can change your password by clicking on your picture from top bar and select “Setting” from menu. On the next page, you can change your password.

We use Coin Marketcap to get the latest Cryptocurrencies rates.

It is a feature we built to keep away the user to spam the employers/other people. You can only chat with the employer once they initiate the chat themselves.

Cryptolancer manually process withdrawal request to keep things 100% secure. As an employer you can make small deposits as per milestone. As a Freelancer, You can withdraw your cryptocurrency anytime.

No, we will never send you any spamming emails, but useful notification emails related to your Cryptolancer activities.

No, we never ask you to put your personal information. We respect your privacy. All we need is the email address on the sign-up page to send you notification.

No, we don’t have any affiliate system for now but we are trying to best to provide you with affiliate system.

Employer FAQ’s

No, posting project is free.

There is no fee on employers.

You can buy any cryptocurrency on most of the popular exchange on the internet. Which includes Binance, CEX, Phoniex, Bitstamp and Bitfinex.

A milestone is an escrow. It is a guarantee of the payment which is funded by the employer for the freelancer’s bid amount. Employer makes one or more milestone/s to the total amount of the bid which freelancer has placed on the project. A milestone can be created easily. To do that, all you have to do is go on the project page where you have awarded the project a freelancer. By clicking on the blue “Create Milestone” button. You can create as many milestone as you want.

Yes, You can award the same project to as many freelancer as you want.

Yes, you can attach files on the project page by clicking on the “Files” tab. You can upload up to 50MB size of file.

No, Never release a single milestone or make pre-payment to a freelancer who has not yet completed the work. This is not allowed on Cryptolancer. Only release milestone when you are 100% satisfied with the work provided by the freelancer.

No, you cannot repost a completed/closed project. But you can always post a new project which only takes few minutes.

The way Cryptolancer works, it makes sure that no one experience any problem while using Cryptolancer. When an employer hires a freelancer. Freelancer is protected by the Escrow/Milestone which is funded/created by the employer. If you are satisfied by the work you can release the milestone and complete the project. If you are not satisfied with the work, you don’t release the funds and ask the freelancer to cancel the milestone.

You can raise a dispute at this situation by going to the project page. In the milestone section, Go to the respective milestone. With the “Release milestone” click on the down arrow and choose “Raise dispute” option. Fill the information and file the dispute against freelancer.

Yes, You can hire a freelancer by going to “Freelancers” page and search for that specific freelancer. When he/she arrive in the search. You’ll see a “hire me” button and hire that freelancer.

Freelancer FAQ’s

Go to the project page and click on “Bid now” on the top bar which will re direct to the bid form. Fill in the information and post the bid.

No, You can bid on as many project as you want.

Yes, Make sure that you chat with the employer by our instant chat system. So at the dispute, we can check the chat history and see what has been going during the working time. So we can mediate between employer and freelancer and decide who to give the disputed amount.

You can withdraw your amount by click on the “Finance” from top bar and click on “Withdraw”. From there you can choose the respective currency and put the amount and put address and make withdraw.

Yes, You can always edit/cancel your bid by clicking on the Edit/Cancel from your bid on the project page.

Yes, you can cancel the project offer by click on the “Reject” option on the project page.

No, there is no reason we would reject a withdraw request unless there is a foul play involved. If you are a genuine freelancer, there is no reason we would reject a withdraw request.

Make sure that you complete your profile 100%. Put a very professional profile description and good-looking pictures of yours. Put a professional tag line/ Headline about your professional skill.

You can see your milestone/s by going to the project page and check the “Created Milestone/s” section for milestones.